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Shelter Build Update


One of our most exciting projects is building a shelter for survivors in Jalpaiguri, Northeast India, in partnership with Women’s Interlink Foundation.  Jalpaiguri is a remote provincial city near Darjeeling.   There are very few resources there to combat trafficking, and many young girls are in urgent need of safe housing.  Over the past three years, we have raised and sent $150,000 to construct a shelter home in Jalpaiguri and  $50,000 to set up a vocational training program and school sponsorships as well as to rent temporary housing while the shelter has been under construction.

We now need to raise another $20,000 e to fulfill our commitment and finish interior construction and furnishing the space.  We hope and expect that survivors will be able to move in to the new shelter by the end of 2014.  Click here to donate and help build a home for survivors.

Click here for photos of the construction  and more details

Jalpaiguri is a high trafficking region near the borders of India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan.  The tea industry, which was once the main source of income in the area, has become unstable, causing severe poverty and conditions ripe for trafficking.This region has no other anti-trafficking services available, and the new center will provide a safety net for the whole region – a place where anyone who has been trafficked, or is in danger in the area can come for help.

The shelter exterior is now complete and we look forward to dedicating it in early September 2014, with Mrs. Aloka Mitra, President of our partner organization Women’s Interlink Foundation which will be managing the shelter.