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Arrival during Durga Puja

22.10.2007 in Uncategorized

Arriving during Puja Festival has been quite exciting. In Kolkata the Durga Puja (worship of their goddess Durga) is similar in scope to our celebration of Christmas. Throughout the city are temporary temples, called pandals, where thousands of people line up to worship Durga. These…


Fighting Human Trafficking and Slavery with Empowerment and Social Enterprise

15.07.2007 in Uncategorized

The Emancipation Network (TEN) fights human trafficking and slavery with empowerment, offering economic alternatives and education to rescued survivors and people at high risk

Our Mission Is:

  • to improve the lives of slavery survivors through economic empowerment and education
  • to assist rescue shelters by using job programs
  • to improve rehabilitation and reintegration, giving survivors the tools to rebuild their own safe and slavery-free lives 
  • to raise awareness about slavery and engage people to action
  • to prevent trafficking among high risk communities such as red light districts and refugee camps
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