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NEW frontpage intro to TEN

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The Emancipation Network/MadeBySurvivors fights slavery by empowering survivors or slavery to rebuild their lives.  We help individuals and communities become slavery-proof with jobs, job training, education, aftercare and help with reintegration. 

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Christmas in August for Survivors

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Dear Friends,        

I would like to offer you an opportunity to support our partners by placing advance orders for holiday items. Many of our seasonal items such as ornaments and holiday cards are only purchased once a year in the summer. This year we are in a difficult position due to the poor economy, but it is essential that we continue to buy products from our partners. They rely on those sales to support their shelters.

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three stories of hope july

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From our new headquarters in Palm City, Florida, I’m excited to launch our new short & sweet- format E-newsletter Three Stories of Hope, because the focus of our organization is always on hope and POSSIBILITY – not only to rescue people out of slavery, but to offer them the real possibility of a meaningful, slavery-free, empowered life, and to help them bring their strength and awareness back into their family and community, breaking the cycle of slavery and exploitation forever.

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Branching Out

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Recently the survivors at our Destiny Center began branching out from just stitching and sewing to also designing – coming up with ideas for bags, wallets, key chains, and various other items. It’s the next logical step in their evolution of gaining independence and it highlights how talented these girls are and how bright their futures are with the right support.

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The importance of working together

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Yesterday I visited a child care home that is operated by Women’s Interlink Foundation (WIF) and it was a very inspiring experience. WIF is an organization that T.E.N has supported throughout the years and it has many successes to speak of. It was started by a wonderful women named Alooka that has been fighting the good fight for over four decades. In this time they have managed to set up shelter homes all around Kolkata that house and take care of literally hundreds of girls (and some boys) of all ages. They take care of all the needs of these girls from shelter, food and health to education and job training. It was a beautilful and energizing sight to behold.



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Kolkata has taken on a very different feel over the last few weeks with the onset of the monsoons. The air is cooler thanks to the daily downpours and they are a welcomed relief beyond anything I can put into words. Everyday it rains for either part of the day or for the entire day and this brings a renewal of the spirit that his hard to describe. You see the heat of Kolkata, during the summer, is extremely oppressive. It makes you so lazy, cranky, and tired that the thought of even walking to the corner store becomes a chore you have to think twice about.

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Here are the materials you need for home parties – we send a set with every $200 kit ordered, but also please feel free to print as many as you need for your events.

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There’s no place like Home…

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Recently Destiny reached the one year mark and another volunteer sat down with the girls and had them talk about how that time here has affected them. It was good to hear about how they feel they’ve changed or grown, but it was also sad to hear about the situations that led them here in the first place. One of the girls told her story and I shall recount it here for you so you can hear for yourself how things have changed for some of them.

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The depths they plunge

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Trafficking has become such a sophisticated and manipulative force that it’s very hard for women and girls to even know they are in danger. By the time they do, it’s almost always too late. They’re in and trapped with little hope of getting out. The thing that scares me is the fact that the people at the top of these organizations are everyday people like you and me. They are businessmen that are very wealthy and have a good standing in the public. Very few people know their real side or agenda and in fact when you go out to eat, for instance, you could be having dinner with or near any one of them without even knowing. That’s how widespread and deep this issue goes. That’s why this issue has become such a hard one to put an end to. Listen to these examples and see what I mean.

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Banged up in Bangladesh

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Yesterday, I took a twelve hour bus ride from Kolkata, India to Dhaka, Bangladesh. I went to visit several NGOs so that we can start working with some of the organizations there. Unfortunately, I was there for only two days when I had an accident and broke my ankle in 3 places. My friend took me to the best hospital in the country, and the orthopedic surgeon informed me that I needed immediate surgery to insert metal plates and screws. A bit nerve-racking, I’ll admit. But the hospital, Apollo Dhaka, is excellent and the staff did everything they could to keep me comfortable. My friend and his family visited me every day, and after I was discharged took excellent care of me at their house.

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