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New Survivors, New Dreams

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 I’ve been at the Rescue Foundation (RF) in a rural area of India, north of Mumbai in Maharashtra, for about two months now. The launch of the jewelry program, in my estimation, has been not only very well received by the survivors, but very successful.

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Dec 3 newsletter 2010

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In Their Own Words       All year long I’ve shared – in my blog, newsletters, and on our website – how I feel about slavery and about our girls’ incredible potential.  Now you can hear what our survivors themselves have to say.   Learn what matters to former sla

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In Their Own Words

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All year long I've shared – in my blog, newsletters, and on our website – how I feel about slavery and about our girls' incredible potential.  Now you can hear what the survivors themselves have to say.   The quotes below come from women and children in our jobs and school sponsorship programs, and members of communities hardest hit by slavery.  Learn what matters to former slaves, and what they want you to know about them, their dreams, and how we should go about ending slavery forever:

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Triple Your Impact With Donation Double Matching!

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Tripple your impact helping human trafficking survivorsThis winter and spring, every donation you make to our programs to help survivors of human trafficking will be double matched by our fantastic supporter Humanity United.  So if you give $100, the match will be $200 for a total of $300!  This match is good for $100,000 in donations – so $300,000 to help survivors!  We are blessed to have this support and hope you consider the impact your year end donations can make to rebuild the lives of slavery survivors. To learn how to donate – click You Can Help!

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Holiday, Hope, Home

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 The house was roaring all weekend – basketball games, messy school projects, my baby’s 3rd birthday party, an emptied and organized attic. I was all over the internet on a quest to search for holiday gift ideas the grandparents have been begging for. My mind was racing on where to begin my “to do” list. I matched my calendar with Adam’s for the next three weeks, so we don’t miss an orthodontist appointment, a turkey trot, a “Holidays Around the World” celebration.

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What About the Boys?

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When Ajay was 15, he came to Calcutta to take a 6 month carpentry course at our partner agency Apne Aap.  When the course ended, Ajay refused to return home.  "If I go back there, I will be forced to sell my sisters and my mother," he stated frankly.  "I will sleep on this agency’s doorstep if I have to.  But I can’t go back there".  Ajay comes from a region in Northern India where intergenerational slavery has been practiced for hundreds of years.  The Nutt community was a courtesan caste and circus performers in the 1800s.  Now they struggle with desperate poverty, trafficking, and crime in India’s poorest state – Bihar.  Almost every girl is trafficked into prostitution at a young age.  Having seen another way of life, Ajay knew he could no longer bear this injustice.  He was given temporary housing in Apne Aap’s office and drop in center.  Now 18, he works there as a security guard – I was so happy to see this young man thriving when I visited in August.  Ajay’s refusal to perpetuate the cycle of slavery and abuse illustrates one of the problems facing boys in slavery – without intervention, they face both the risk of exploitation, and the risk of being forced to become traffickers themselves. 

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The “Thank You” Blog

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Tool Donation

People say very nice things to me regarding the work I do in India. It is incredibly supportive and very nice to hear. However, there is a small army of people, friends and family alike, who support me and make it possible for me to be here, professionally and personally. A “thank you” blog is long overdue!


Celebrating CNN Hero winner in the Movement to End Human Trafficking: Maiti Nepal founder Anuradha Koirala

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Anuradah Koirala on the day Made By Survivors was founded to help human trafficking survivors “First you have to take them into your heart as your own child.  Then the strength comes out of you to protect them   Anuradha Koirala.  

Anuradha  Koirala, founder of Maiti Nepa  (our first parner shelter) has been won a CNN Heroes Award, which she richly deserves to win – Anuradha is a true hero for our times.   I first met Anuradha in 2004, when I visited her  Kathmandu shelter along with Joe Collins and Brigitte Cazalis Collins of Friends of Maiti Nepal, the US arm of Maiti Nepal, with whom I volunteered for a year when I first became involved in anti-trafficking work.  This amazing trip changed my life forever. In fact, it was Anuradha who planted the seed for the creation of The Emancipation Network, when I asked her what kind of help she needed most at that moment. 

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