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An Indian Woman’s View

23.08.2013 in Made By Survivors Programs

 In India not many people know about trafficking. Those that do know are usually powerless and can’t do much about it, or don’t care to help. People In India need to be educated more, especially the Women. I think educating women is the most Important…

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The Next Step Of A Long Journey

02.11.2012 in Made By Survivors Programs

Recently Soma H., one of the founding members of our jewelry program in Kolkata, India, took the next step in her journey towards true independence when she traveled by herself, for the first time, to our project in Jalpaiguri to train our girls in the…

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A Different Me….

08.06.2012 in Made By Survivors Programs

This blog has been written by Soma Seal, our Jewellery Supervisor. On 19th May I left for Jalpaiguri from Kolkata. Arrived here(Jalpaiguri) on 20th May. Previously I had been to this place twice,but both the trips were entirely different from this one. First time, we…

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A New Start

31.05.2012 in Made By Survivors Programs

This blog has been written by Aparna Roy.Aparna Roy is the Supervisor of our 3rd Jewelry Center in Jalpaiguri, India. it has been a month she has joined the MBS family. She shares with us how she feels about her work and the girls at…

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Our 3rd Center: Jalpaiguri

30.04.2012 in Made By Survivors Programs

Our third venture of Jewellery Program is in Jalpaiguri, a district in the north of Bengal, started on the 18th of April, 2012. The shelter home at Jalpaguri is another branch of our partner NGO, Women Interlink Foundation.  Our first and second Jewellery program (Kolkata…

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