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Made By Survivors Team India Weekly Update

25.10.2011 in Made By Survivors Programs

Team India updates from the field in Kolkata. 

Monday October 24th 2011

Today we start hosting a researcher named Tanya that is here to evaluate the Jewelry Training program and other Income Generation Projects that we help manage to help determine how effective they are and, potentially, how we can make them better.  Tanya will be conducting a one on one interview with the local staff and the girls in the program to get an idea of how the program impacts them and if/how it has changed them.

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Preventing Recidivism in Human Trafficking Survivors

13.10.2011 in Human Trafficking Survivors

There is a tall wall, topped with barbed wire at one the best shelters in Calcutta for survivors of human trafficking.   Many visitors have asked why they need to keep the survivors behind a wall.  Show up at night and you will see why.  Human traffickers gather outside the wall, tossing notes and even cell phones over to the young women.   


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