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22.02.2012 in Empowering Women

Yesterday I received some great news about one of the girls in our jewelry program that highlighted how successful our program is and how the sky is the limit for how successful it can be. 

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Resolution – 2012

10.01.2012 in modern day slavery


The New Year begins with new promises, new resolutions, and new goals for each one of us.  But every time we somehow don’t succeed to keep all the resolutions or promises. Yet, we don’t lose hope.  Hope is what keeps us get going. So this year also I have made some resolutions and I will try to work on those as much as I can.

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time for some fun!!!

09.01.2012 in Made By Survivors Programs


On December 22nd, Made by Survivors organized for an excursion for the shelter home girls in appreciation of their hard work and dedication throughout the year. It was time to let them unwind and enjoy the spices of city life, an experience beyond their worlds.

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Dosti (Friendship)

28.11.2011 in Empowering Women


A few days back, Paul and I were going to Child Care Home. On our way, the usual road was closed so we took another route. Suddenly we saw a dog lying on the road and growling in pain. We went near him and tried finding out what had happened. We could make out it was an accident. Unfortunately no one paid any heed to him. He tried moving but failed. I could see a group of people standing on the opposite side but they were more inquisitive to find about the foreigner with me rather than helping the dog.

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