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Kolkata Joy

26.01.2011 in Made By Survivors Programs

And finally, we have Internet back…for the time being.

The last two days have been so special. Again, its hard to describe what my time here with these girls means to me. They are so delightful, so loving, so deserving of great attention.

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Nijoloy Shelter Home

24.01.2011 in Made By Survivors Programs

Today was amazing. We visited out first shelter home, named Nijoloy. I was filled with excitement and nerves, but as we got out of the car and were greeted by many girls saying, “Auntie, Auntie,” the nerves washed away and I was filled with such joy. These faces that greeted me, the arms that hugged me and the hands that held me were truly amazing and it’s difficult to describe it. It was an absolute gift. We spent a few hours taking pictures, being shown where they sleep, the flowers they planted and lots of dancing.

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The Real Journey

22.01.2011 in Human Trafficking Survivors

Today I set out for the real part of this Indian journey. I get into Kolkata this evening around 7:30, but don’t actually meet up with the volunteer group as a whole until tomorrow night for dinner. I’m looking forward to meeting those who I’ll be side by side with for the next two weeks, but still nervous as all get out for what’s to come in the shelters we visit. I know I’ll see beautiful faces and smiles that conceal indescribable pain and abuse; I just pray I’ll be able to be of some use for the girls who wear those smiles.

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