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Good to be back!

31.01.2011 in Made By Survivors Programs

Today we spent the morning with the children at Child Care Home, which is a shelter located in the city with about 70 children in it. It was so nice to see the children again and I am grateful to be back! The wonderful progress of the programs and obvious heart that is put into them is wonderful to see. 

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30.01.2011 in Human Trafficking Survivors

It’s been one week since returning to India and what an amazing trip it’s been so far! It took a couple of days to adjust to the craziness of Kolkata which can be somewhat of a sensory overload when you’ve been living in Boulder for the last year and a half. Yet, you do adjust and somehow playing chicken with an oncoming bus is suddenly no big deal. All of that being said, I love it here because I love what we came for…the girls. What a joy it was to reunite with them.

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30.01.2011 in Human Trafficking Survivors

 January 25th, 2011:The differing value of money in amount as well as denomination becomes so sharply divided to me in a completely non-traditional sense, during international travel.  This week, using my photography skills to help hope-filled, girls relax while taking pictures of them (holding a card they’ve written their names, on decorated in a pretty way) in hopes of sponsorship to provide basic necessities illustrated that point in a forceful, underlined way.  Thirty dollars a month for 1 year, $360, provides one of these beautiful young people a full year at a good school.  I spend that much in cat food. 

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Small Things

30.01.2011 in Made By Survivors Programs

January, 2011: Back in India to check on the progress of the two new jewelry programs in Calcutta and Mumbai, our school- sponsored kids from the Kidderpore red light area and the WIF shelter home, the boarding school sponsored kids, and our partner programs in Calcutta.  We have also brought a small group of volunteers to do therapeutic arts projects with rescued survivors and born into brothels children. It’s a lot to do in two weekd.

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