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Metamorphosis of human trafficking survivors

23.05.2011 in Human Trafficking Survivors

What a lovely day at the shelter home! It was ‘graduation’ day for the girls who completed
the Made By Survivors / Senhoa training with beads and crystals under Anh Q. Hua. The training had ‘life-skills’ as a part of the
curriculum, which involved classes on English, vernacular, general knowledge, bit of civics, home
science. The training lasted for 3 months. After the completion each of the girls was certified and an

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Moment in Time

14.05.2011 in Made By Survivors Programs

There are times when you can really begin to see a difference in the people you are working with or trying to help. A moment when it becomes clear that you are getting through to them and that your effort just might be paying off. I experienced one of those moments last year with the girls in the Made By Survivors / Women's Interlink Foundation Jewelry program at Child Care Home and it has stuck with me ever since. 

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