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Moment in Time

14.05.2011 in Made By Survivors Programs

There are times when you can really begin to see a difference in the people you are working with or trying to help. A moment when it becomes clear that you are getting through to them and that your effort just might be paying off. I experienced one of those moments last year with the girls in the Made By Survivors / Women's Interlink Foundation Jewelry program at Child Care Home and it has stuck with me ever since. 

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A Year In The Making

07.05.2011 in Made By Survivors Programs

It's been a year since we started the Made By Survivors Jewelry Training Project in Kolkata, India (in partnership with Womens Interlink Foundation) and the success of the project has far exceeded anyone's expectations. Within the past year over 40 girls have been trained in the skill of jewelry design and manufacturing and we couldn't be more proud of their work (check it out here Below, a few of our staff takes some time to reflect on their experiences of the past year and whats to come. More posts to come….please share! 

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Modern Day Slavery and Health

03.05.2011 in Human Trafficking Survivors, modern day slavery

Not surprisingly, slavery is extremely hazardous to human health and life.  Many children who are trafficked into slavery do not survive to adulthood.

Sex Trafficking and Health:

For people enslaved for sexual exploitation, major health concerns include HIV/AIDS and other STDs, Tuberculosis, malnutrition and traumatic injuries such as burns and scarring resulting from physical abuse and violence. 

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