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An Interview with a Kindred Spirit in the fight against modern day slavery

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A couple of weeks ago, I guest posted on Scoutie Girl. Near the end of the article, I wrote:


“At my core, I am a dreamer. And my current dream is to harness the power of story and use it to fight modern slavery, earn a living for myself, and teach people from all walks of life how to do the same (and hopefully much more). With my blog as my main platform and words as my tools of choice, I know I have ventured down an exciting rabbit hole.”

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Made By Survivors Short Documentary

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 This new documentary short film about our work empowering survivors of slavery and human trafficking was created by a team of women filmmakers from Real Deal Productions

Hear from the survivors about their hopes and dreams, and meet heroes in the anti-slavery movement.

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The Joy of Going Back

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Check out the latest blog from Asia program Manager, Chandreyi Basu (Doel), as she talks about arriving back at Rescue Foundation after a 6 month absence. 

10th June, 2011 at 3:30am….

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