Made by Survivors | Working with the girls… a Journey from good to better…


Working with the girls… a Journey from good to better…

26 Sep 2012, by elance programmer in Empowering Women, Made By Survivors Programs

This has been written by Aparna Roy, supervisor of Jalpaiguri Center, Bengal.

 Last night I was going through the photo gallery of my cell phone and I saw pictures of some jewelleries made by the girls. The jewelries reminded me of moments spent in the centre, some very beautiful, some upsetting and some very precious moments which will always remain close to my heart.

I still remember the first week of my job; when I had no experience and the girls were new to their work of jewellery making. They couldn’t do any proper filing or sanding, even for cutting out a shape would result in heaps of broken saw blades. Nancy trained them and they picked it up also but I almost started to panic when she left.  I wasn’t confident enough as to how to manage the girls after Nancy as I don’t have a sound knowledge on jewelry making and moreover I was new to it as well.

But to my surprise and immense pleasure the girls actually started to implement what they have been taught during the training period. With the passing time they are steadily improving. Every individual girl has a spark within her and that is reflected through their own creations, the work of art they make out from those solid metal sheets into attractive jewelleries. Their high potential and immense dedication towards their work everytime promises to take our Jalpaiguri Centre to the pinnacle of its glory in jewellery making, making me and all the members of MBS really proud.

Moreover their boundless excitement and limitless joy on holding a piece of jewellery in their hand , their very own creations is inexplicable. Even I have felt this overwhelming pleasure from within my soul. This again and again makes us indebted towards MBS for enlighting a ray of hope in the lives of this innocent girls who have survived the cruel and critical phases of life. I too extend my heartfelt gratitude and thanks to MBS for giving me an oppurtunity to be a part of this great employment generation project through jewellery making. And in near future we promise to bring forth more and more beautiful and exclusive jewelleries for all, especially made by the survivors.

Jalpaiguri Shelter and Jewelry Center are projects of Made By Survivors Free Forever campaign to provide the tools and resources to make every woman and child free from exploitation and abuse.  Learn more about Made By Survivors Free Forever Campaign by clicking here.  



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