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Thank You, MBS

08 Jul 2012, by elance programmer in Empowering Women, Human Trafficking Survivors

At last came another Saturday after a hectic week. It was raining cats and dogs through out the day. After having a good family time with coffee, snacks and a hilarious Bollywood movie, I went back to my room and sat beside the window. It was raining and the wet greenery seemed like a beautiful young lady clad in green silk. Children some of them half naked, were playing and dancing in the rain, shouting endlessly. Their joy and pleasure knew no limits and their life no boundaries. Their liveliness brought back my childhood memories.

But in the midst of all these I was suddenly reminded of my girls. Hands learning to make Fair Trade Jewelry

My girls have become a priority of  my life as I spend a good amount of time with them throughout the week.Their life is so much different from these ordinary children but who should be held responsible for this? When other children enjoy a limitless life, these girls are confined within marked boundaries of life, which they always complain about.
Homeless, jobless, pennyless, dishonoured figures- these very girls have got a scope to have a better life with the help of  Made by Survivors and Women Interlink Foundation( for giving them a life which they greatly deserve. And special thanks to Made by Survivors for making me a part of this great initiative.

Made by Survivors has internationally approved the fact that every individual irrespective of their sex are able to carry on with their life even after experiencing many odds and difficulties and that too with an indomitable spirit. As a voluntary organization Made by Survivors helps oppressed and victimised women and also women of the lower strata of the society, to gain financial independence and stability. Made by Survivors encourage emancipation of women and help them embrace various professions; motivating these girls to come up in life who are wrecked by a cruel past and dont hope for a better future. Made by Survivors have given them the strength to dream for a better future and guided them to the way of life, living worthy. And even I am very proud and satisfied to serve them the same way. Thank you Made by Survivors.

This blog has been written by Aparna Roy, Supervisor of Jalpaiguri Jewellry Center.


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