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Reality bites ! Indeed !

27 Jun 2012, by elance programmer in Empowering Women, Made By Survivors Programs

Some (horrible) Facts about Women !   According to the United Nations Millennium, women work two-thirds of the world’s working hours. Cooking, growing food, raising children, maintaining a house – mostly done by women but this work does not incur any income hence it is considered insignificant. The ceaseless cycle of labour rarely shows up in economic analyses of a society’s production and value. 

Thus, women earn only 10 percent of the world’s income in spite of contributing so much for daily labour. Where women work for money, they may be limited to a set of jobs, limited to low pay or low status.

Women's Rights - Empowerment and Jobs

Women own less than 1 percent of the world’s property because even now laws or customs prevent women from owning land or other productive assets.Women make up two- thirds of the adults and the children who cannot read or write. It has been noticed that Education not only helps the women to have their own thinking and earning capacity but as well as educated women delay their first pregnancies thus having healthier children and reduction of child deaths by 5-10%. Yet, the availability of education to the women is so low.

Girls’ education is considered frivolous since girls are relied to contribute to the household front. They miss the unparallel opportunity to develop their minds and spirits.

Women are even now considered as property. Their physical well-being – health, security and bodily integrity – is often beyond their own control.  Child bearing and making big families are the only markers of value available to women frequent pregnancy can be deadly. World Health Organization data indicates that in Afghanistan and Sierra Leone, for example, a woman’s lifetime chance of dying in childbirth is one in seven; in the United States it is one in3,418, and in Norway and Switzerland, one in 7,300. In any given year, 15 percent of all pregnant women will face a life-threatening complication, and more than 500,000 – 99 percent of them in the developing world – will die.

Women are extremely vulnerable especially the uneducated ones. They fear to voice out their opinion and protest against the wrong doings. At least one in three females on earth has been physically or sexually abused.

Even within marriage, women may not have her say over her sex life whereas the husband may have multiple sex partners without any protest.  The U.S. Department of State indicates that up to 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders annually: 80 percent of these are women and girls, and the majority are forced into the sex trade. “Women are like livestock” as they believe in and hence women are used as commodities for trading.

The main targets are the uneducated class of women who in need of money get tempted by the traffickers who give them false hope of getting them well paid jobs, allure them with different propositions. The Possible Solution Thus Women Empowerment is the most important solution for the women to stand upright, to demand their rights and to survive with equality and respect. The females should have the accessibility to proper education as the males.

At the very onset the idea of patriarchy should be demolished. Until and unless the men of the society, the staunch orthodox women change their mind set, it would not be possible to encourage the girls and the women to acquire education and knowledge. With the name of religion, the conservative do not allow the women to study since that would violate the teachings of the religion. This has to be combated and let the women learn.

Education not only gives them hope for better livelihood but also it is a confidence booster. It can give them better opportunities to do well in life. They can say NO to the alluring job opportunities offered by the men (who are originally the traffickers) and can save themselves from falling into the trap. Once they start working they would be self – reliant. The lesser they remain dependant on others, the more they build up their self belief and determination. The moment they start earning in cash, their work will be recognized.

It is unfortunate that despite of slogging for hours and taking care of the household work and families, the relentless effort goes down the drain. They are dominated and dictated by the husbands or the male members of the families. Even the girls are not sent to school considering that they would end up doing the same domestic work and hence any kind of investment is sheer wastage. But the moment the women have their financial back up, they seem to have more say or stand in the family. Since she becomes a part of the bread winner, she is given almost equal importance as the male counterparts. They must be verbal and distinct about their rights. The women should protest and fight against the abuses they face in their daily lives rather than giving in.

This self belief can only come into existence within them once they start getting education; they start working and also with the changed mentality of the men. Made by Survivors is one such place where these women get ample opportunities and support. The income generating projects conducted by MBS help the women to be self sustained.

It is fighting against the sex trafficking throughout the world and lending helping hands to the helpless victims. In India, the Jewelry program conducted by Made by Survivors Jewels Pvt Ltd, spreads over two states. It is giving the survivors of slavery, of human trafficking a way to escape from the life of sufferings and torture. The girls are happy and confident working with the organisation. They have got a new meaning of life and they dream to do something big as well. The very recently started Jalpaiguri program along with the two ongoing programs at Kolkata and Boisar are running successfully fulfilling the desires of so many girls.


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