Made by Survivors | A Partnership to Empower Human Trafficking Survivors


A Partnership to Empower Human Trafficking Survivors

20 Jun 2012, by elance programmer in Human Trafficking Survivors, modern day slavery

I was at the Made By Survivors office, when I noticed the Empowerment Pendant for the first time. The heart and hand stood out to me as simple elegance that child or adult could wear.  I immediately visualized placing one around my 8 year old daughter’s neck to communicate that she should love herself and also love others by giving them a helping hand.

I asked Sarah who had designed the necklace and she said Somaly Mam.  Somaly Mam is a human trafficking survivor who has dedicated her life to rescuing and empowering women and children who have been victims of modern day slavery.  Read more about The Somaly Mam Foundation here.

The human trafficking survivors at the Made By Survivors Jewelry Centers are producing this necklace.   The sales of the Empowerment Pendant provides shelter and aftercare to women and children Somaly Mam works with and provides jobs to survivors Made By Survivors trains and employs in artisan metalsmithing.

I love partnerships like this!  Get the Empowerment Pendant today!  Your purchase  of the Empowerment Pendant will go a long way to empower survivors of modern day slavery.

Today’s post is a guest blog from Robin Rossmanith,  the founder of, a website that promotes businesses and non profits that empower survivors of human trafficking and at risk groups through economic empowerment and fair trade principles.  


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