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A Different Me….

08 Jun 2012, by elance programmer in Made By Survivors Programs

This blog has been written by Soma Seal, our Jewellery Supervisor.

On 19th May I left for Jalpaiguri from Kolkata. Arrived here(Jalpaiguri) on 20th May. Previously I had been to this place twice,but both the trips were entirely different from this one. First time, we all came here to see round this place and the exact location for our 3rd centre and we had come in a big group. Second time I came to help Nancy with the training.But this time I was all alone,I had to travel alone and also teach the girls alone.First time in my life,away from home,all alone.

We started our 3rd centre in Jalpaiguri on18th April,2012. It has been one long month since we first started our journey here. In this one month’s time some girls have improved alot whereas some girls couldnot continue with the jewellery programdue to their severe illness. These girls are so much deprived and hurt in their personal life that they sometimes lack mental strength and strong will power. But every girl is special and if they are focussed they can go a long way.

At the same time, I cannot deny the fact that working with MBS and being with these girls has improved my life and enriched my personality.For the first time in life I left home and traveled all alone to a new city far away from Kolkata.Being in a new city all alone, viewing the entire city with a new outlook and experiencing all its good and bad sides, facing the problems all by myself,have made me much more strong, mature and confident.And all thanks to MBS for giving me all these and also the oppurtunity. The other name for life is struggle and I have learnt this from the girls of WIF, Jalpaiguri. And I am sincerely thankful to Paul for choosing me as one of the guides to show this girls their right path leading to the endless journey of life.

Thank you,Paul again and again and thank you MBS.

“I am a warrior, but not alone in this struggle. But still while leading the procession from front , at times I find myself lonely.”


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