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A New Start

31 May 2012, by elance programmer in Made By Survivors Programs

This blog has been written by Aparna Roy.Aparna Roy is the Supervisor of our 3rd Jewelry Center in Jalpaiguri, India. it has been a month she has joined the MBS family. She shares with us how she feels about her work and the girls at the center.

On 1st may, 2012 I joined Mde By Survivors Jewels Lts at their 3rd centre in Jalpaiguri. Prior to this I had some work experiences which are entirely different from this.This job gave me an oppurtunity to work with not one but two renowned organizations MBS and Women Interlink Foundation.

Working with the girls of WIF is a learning experience.Different backgrounds, different experiences (both good and bad) from life make their temperaments and attitude entirely different from each other.In order to supervise them, I have to understand them and be a part of them wich has enriched me as a better human being.

At first I was very afraid, as I never had any experience of working in such a field,but when I came here and met the girls and also the other members of the MBS family, it took time for me to feel at home. As time passed by I began to not just like it but love it.The girls inspite of all their sufferings gather new hope and courage to dream for a better future.Life has never been bed of roses for me,I always knew I had to fight,but their company made me realize once again that life is always a struggle and with new vigour and vitality you should start the fight everyday.

The girls sometimes listen to what say and sometimes don’t.Their habit,their behaviour is also very different but their is a warmth in it.All they want from you is your love ,affection and your attention.Their cries make you cry and their laughter brings a contented smile on your face.Their continous complaints and non stop talking can irritate you sometimes but u just cant stop smiling in your mind.

This is how they connect to you and become an unavoidable part of your life and thoughts. I really appreciate the combined effort of WIF and MBS and promise to serve my best.I wish all our joint efforts take MBS to the pinnacle of its glory and help more and more unprivileged and under privileged persons. Whether I remain part of it or not.I wish MBS all success and my heartfelt gratitude for providing me such an oppurtunity.Looking forward to meet the other members of the MBS family and celebrating its further success.


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