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join hands and make a difference…..

05 Apr 2012, by elance programmer in Empowering Women
Born to a prostitute in the red light district, Rani knew her life would be like her mother. She had no family and she never knew who her father was. She never wanted to know infact. When Rani started to grow up, Meena, like any mother,wanted her child to go to school and have proper education. But life isn’t easy in the red light district and getting her daughter admitted to a school became difficult, almost impossible for her. She didn’t lose hope. The night shelter (at the red light district) close to her room supported her and let Rani stay at the center. Not only they put her in a local school and offered her tuition but she got a place to sleep at night while her mother was at work.

Rani started to take interest in studies and no sooner the tutors realised that she is an intelligent girl and has the potential to do good in studies. Within an year, she showed much improvement and MBS, along with many other kids enrolled her name under their sponsorship program. But happiness was short lived for Rani as her mother passed away , suffering from tuberculosis. She was totally devastated as she lost the love of her life. The NGO and MBS stepped forward to help her with her situation and she was sent to the boarding school (Ram Krishna Mission) so that she could be taken care of. 
The girls were admitted to the school and they all started to lead a disciplined life. Their days start early in the morning with prayers, tutors come in to help them with their studies, they clean their rooms everyday and wash their clothes, they drape sarees during the prayers, help the housemothers with some kitchen work. The transformation is immense. 
Rani is improving in studies and Sarah Symons, Founder of MBS wants to see Rani going to an US based school for higher studies and she is working towards it. Rani isn’t gloomy anymore, she smiles, sings and dances like all the other girls. She has a family there and in USA. When asked she said, “I cant wait to go and stay with Sarah (aunty), she is the best. I love her so much”.  
Rani is one of the example of many girls who have been admitted to schools and now have the courage to achieve their dreams. But there are lots more who are still stuck in the red light districts, waiting for a hand which would pull them out of that darkness. And this is possible with your support. If you are willing to make a difference in someone’s life, please help us by sponsoring.

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