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Resolution – 2012

10 Jan 2012, by elance programmer in modern day slavery

The New Year begins with new promises, new resolutions, and new goals for each one of us.  But every time we somehow don’t succeed to keep all the resolutions or promises. Yet, we don’t lose hope.  Hope is what keeps us get going. So this year also I have made some resolutions and I will try to work on those as much as I can.

Our society also promises every year to improve so that people can live in harmony and at peace. Removal of illiteracy, of unemployment, of poverty, of exploitation is the major goal that we have to look at and work for, because these are the root causes of all the crimes happening throughout the world. One of the heinous crimes is Modern Day Slavery. 

Rescue Foundation, Mumbai has been trying to put an end modern day slavery by rescuing the victims, rehabilitating and repatriating them.  In 2011, RF has rescued almost 310 girls from different red light areas of India. The victims aged between 13 and 32 of which 60% had been trafficked from West Bengal, 10% from Bangladesh and the rest from other parts of India. These girls were not only rescued and rehabilitated but also, almost 50% of the girls have already been repatriated.

The girls staying back at the shelter home are encouraged to join some vocational courses or to study which are conducted by the NGO. In fact this year in April, 10 of the girls at the RF Boisar shelter home will be appearing for the board examination after which they can join college for further studies.  This is one of the means by which RF is trying to help the girls to make them have a normal life.

As I spoke to one of the investigator officers of RF, he said that “This year we will try to rescue more girls. We are working hard to get through the trafficker’s network. We need to uproot this. But before this we need to educate people so that they can have jobs and earn their living and do not surrender to exploitation in order to survive”.

Rescue Foundation has taken this resolution. So have we. So are you joining hands with us to ‘heal the world’ and end modern day slavery? 


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