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My daughter, my inspiration!

28 Nov 2011, by elance programmer in Made By Survivors Programs

Written by Soma Halder, 

Jewelry Program Supervisor.  

Made By Survivors. 

In 1989, I came to the shelter home. I was little then. All that I have seen and learnt in my life is through the home. With the help of the teachers, Mashima ( Aloka) and House- mother,   I have learnt to dance, sing and  also study a bit. I did have other girls in the shelter home with whom I shared my time, my feelings.  But still I did not know what my future would be, what my plans would be, where would I go, where would I live?

Here in the shelter home, the girls are given training which help them to get a job and be self dependent. Twenty of us were trained in making stained glasses. Shyama was our teacher. While working with him, I learnt so many things from him and gradually we fell in love with each other. A new hope, a new dream started setting in.

Within one and half years of our marriage we were gifted with a lovely daughter. I named her Sreelekha. After having lived most of my life in shelter homes till I got married in 2004, I never thought that I could actually have a normal life with a husband and a child. After her birth, I started thinking about our future again. I began to wish, to try, to have faith and live a life again. She is now 6 years old. She goes to school. She loves to play and draw. Whenever I see her drawing pictures with enthusiasm, she reminds me of my childhood when I wanted to be painter. I could not have my dreams realized but I want to give my daughter all that she wants so that she can chase her dreams successfully.

The Made By Survivors Jewellery program has given me an opportunity to earn and suffice the needs of my daughter. My daughter is my motivation, a source of inspiration. She is the one who helps me re-live my childhood, my dreams. 

Translated and Edited by Dolon Basu. 


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