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A new hand to join the fight against slavery

16 Nov 2011, by elance programmer in Made By Survivors Programs

On 14th of November, I officially became a part of Made by Survivors though I had prior assoassociation with this organisation through Paul, Doel and Soma. My regular interactions with them regarding the development activities and also learning about the girls who got recruited in the Jewellery Program initiated by Made By Survivors, ultimately lead to a deep willingness to be a part of MBS family.

I would consider myself really lucky to have my dream job realized. Working with Doel ,Paul and Soma would not only be fun but I am certain that our team work will take Made By Survivors a step ahead in India and will expand in stature helping more and more unprivileged.

Having known Paul for almost a year, my first day started with a more comfortable note. I was looking forward to work with him and Doel. I was briefed about my job profile, about the paper work, online activities, upcoming projects and the volunteer trips and after which I started with the Monday-official chores.

Tuesday began with sheer excitement as we had a meeting with Aloka Mitra, the chairperson of WIF (partnership with MBS). We were warmly welcomed leaving most of the staff surprised and confused who thought me to be Doel. So a round of hilarious events occurred till I introduced myself properly. The meeting was very informative and enriching. I learnt so many things about social issues, about the condition of the poor sections of the society, about the cause and effect of human trafficking, etc. How MBS is creating income generation possibilities with the NGOs became clearer after the meeting with Aloka and Paul. The imminent project at Jalpaiguri looks really promising. The idea of promoting tourism and tribal culture simultaneously is not only innovative but would also help the tribal to earn more for their livelihood, eventually assuring a better future. Even the tribal art would have an opportunity to come into limelight which at present has almost fallen into oblivion.

At last my wait came to an end when I went to CCH (shelter home, Chingrihata) to meet the girls on Wednesday. We played a little prank on them having introduced myself as Doel. The innocent smile, the affectionate hugs, the dedication towards work, the amiable ambience is simply fascinating. The girls stay like a well knitted family where they all work together sufficiently and effectively. They have had their heaps of suffering and pain in their respective lives which cannot be undone or forgotten may be, but this employment has rekindled new hope for them. It has reinstated the lost faith and confidence in them. They have started to dream again and we, the Made By Survivors unit will help them chasing their dreams successfully.

Dolon Basu. 


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