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The Joy of Going Back

13 Jun 2011, by elance programmer in Made By Survivors Programs

Check out the latest blog from Made By Survivors Asia program Manager, Chandreyi Basu (Doel), as she talks about arriving at Rescue Foundation after a 6 month absence. 

10th June, 2011 at 3:30am….

As I left for Boisar, a small village in Maharashtra I had a mixed feelings. I was excited to see the girls at the shelter home of Rescue Foundation(RF) which focuses on investigating, rescuing, rehabilitating and repatriating girls/women who are trafficked from different parts of India, Nepal and Bangladesh. This was my first time back in 6 months and while it was good to be going back I knew I was going to miss the Kolkata girls. But when I arrived at RF the satisfaction of my job became apparent. When I reached, the girls came running to me and hugged me and I realized that I was missed here as well. So I had to come back.

This time the visit is a little different as I am the only one here representing Made By Survivors  and I will be here for the coming two weeks. There are some challenges which I have to face as this is a remote village but then my job itself is challenging and I feel proud every time I do my work successfully. 

Today was the first time I had my class with the girls in this visit. Needless to say the girls are super impressive. These girls are very focused and know how to get their job done. I spoke to them for sometime about the program and all of them miss Dianna Badalament, Made By Survivors jewelry designer and trainer. They are happy that this jewelry program was introduced to them as they all believe that this will find them a job in the future which is a pathway to achieve their dreams. Some of the girls want to go back to their country (Bangladesh) once they reunite with their family and start up a jewelry business. Some of them want to go to Mumbai and make their own living after they master the jewelry designing and making. 

I saw hopes and dreams in everyone’s eyes and I know that they would be able to make it in life. I hope that with the help of Made By Survivors and Rescue Foundation these girls will be able to forget their dark past and and restart their lives with a new day!

– Doel 

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