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Creating Jewelry, Creates Confidence

01 Jun 2011, by elance programmer in Made By Survivors Programs

One of the girls in the Women’s Interlink Foundation / Made By Survivors Jewelry Program talks about how the program has impacted her life. 

Hello my name is Suchismita.

This one year has been great for me because it has made me self-competent. I was not good at anything, always needed my fellow mates help to do something creative, however I kept on trying. And now my effort has been paid off. I feel so proud of myself. Major credit goes for my transformation to my teacher, Dianna( Badalament) Aunty. She trained us and had given special attention who lagged behind. She took special care of me because I was one of those who joined later.

We were surprised and touched when she actually came back to India for us. We all felt so special and loved. I am grateful to God because He has blessed us with such a good teacher and all of you who have always supported us and encouraged us to do something in life and stand on our own feet.

Thank you so much.

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