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Metamorphosis of human trafficking survivors

23 May 2011, by elance programmer in Human Trafficking Survivors

What a lovely day at the shelter home! It was ‘graduation’ day for the girls who completed the Made By Survivors / Senhoa training with beads and crystals under Anh Q. Hua. The training had ‘life-skills’ as a part of the
curriculum, which involved classes on English, vernacular, general knowledge, bit of civics, home science. The training lasted for 3 months. After the completion each of the girls was certified and an event was organized at the shelter home in which Aloka Mitra, Chair Person of Women’s Interlink Foundation handed over the certificates to the girls.

What was surprising to me was the changed nature of the girls. And it wasn’t only the girls who took part in the training but the entire atmosphere at the shelter home which has undergone a tremendous improvement. The girls arranged for the function, they helped Anh with the set up.The room was very nicely decorated. It was the same room in which they had their training classes.The room had wall hangings all over with captions from different fields of study. As the program
commenced the girls were asked to show their drawings, collage and explain it. It was a treat to watch them elaborating on the selection of the drawings and collage and how and why it is related and significant to their lives. It was awesome!

Rupali, pasted her favorite actors pictures because she idolizes them, of food because she loves to cook. She drew a well dressed girl because she
always wants to be dressed neatly. The best part was she drew flowers and when she was asked why she drew that she said “Because I love flowers and I think all the girls here are as vibrant, colorful and pure as flowers” I was totally moved by her.

Few months back these girls lacked confidence and they used to fight over trifle issues but now they have a healthier relation with each other. They can speak their mind and they know what they want in life. It was in the truest sense a ‘Metamorphosis’. The girls have changed into women! In just three
months with Anh’s help, they have improved so much. I wonder how much they would progress if they got more and more help from volunteers throughout the world?

What do you think? Do you want to be a part of this experience? 

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