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04 Apr 2011, by elance programmer in modern day slavery

I am excited to share that I have signed on to be a regular guest blogger for Made By Survivors! I volunteered over a month ago (has it really been that long?) and journeyed to Kolkata, West Bengal in India to help out in a couple of the shelters that Made By Survivors sponsors. I was six weeks pregnant at the time, and unfortunately, morning sickness decided to make it’s first appearance while I was there. As it turns out, the baby growing inside of me is not a fan of Indian food. I ended up having to come home a week early. It was an amazing trip. I blogged about it here  and here.  But I was very glad to be home. I thought I’d take this first guest post to talk about what I’ve been doing since returning home – in life and as an abolitionist.

It’s a been tricky working through figuring out how I can actively and effectively fight modern day slavery in my newly pregnant state. But, I love a good challenge. And I’m excited to share what I’ve been doing to accomplish it. I hope you read this post and feel inspired to go out and be an abolitionist wherever you are in life. Because if I can do it, anyone can!

Some projects underway:
•  Well, guest blogging on here is the most obvious, I assume. It’s a simple way I can share my expertise with others. And since I’m making it a weekly task, it will keep me up-to-date on all modern day slavery news and, in the midst of nausea, homeschool and exhaustion, it will serve as a reminder of this amazing cause that’s much bigger than my own little sphere.
•  We are just getting started in the season of Lent in my church community, and we are beginning a series titled Becoming Agents of Love, Peace and Hope. One of my pastors asked me to be on a panel one Sunday later in Lent. We’ll all be sharing ways that we as individuals have been serving our community and the world – and I’ll get to share all about modern day slavery and my adventures in India.
•  I am honored to report that Sarah has offered to make me the Made By Survivors representative of the DC Metro Area. Get excited. Made By Survivors will now have a voice at all of the many anti-human trafficking efforts around the city. If you are reading this, and you have an event coming up in the city that you would like us attend, or if you would like to have me come and speak at your church or organization, you can contact me at


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