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30 Jan 2011, by elance programmer in Human Trafficking Survivors

It’s been one week since returning to India and what an amazing trip it’s been so far! It took a couple of days to adjust to the craziness of Kolkata which can be somewhat of a sensory overload when you’ve been living in Boulder for the last year and a half. Yet, you do adjust and somehow playing chicken with an oncoming bus is suddenly no big deal. All of that being said, I love it here because I love what we came for…the girls. What a joy it was to reunite with them. The amount of love these girls have to give is truly incredible and their strength and positive attitudes they have for life in the face of adversity will never cease to amaze me. Often, when I tell people about this trip they ask if it is depressing, it is exactly the opposite. It it amazing and uplifting to see these human trafficking survivors going to school, learning a trade, becoming independent and empowering themselves to live their lives free from slavery. I am so thankful to be here working with them and for an organization as worthy as Made by Survivors. With only a week left I know my time here will fly by and I am looking forward to every second I get to spend with the amazing volunteer group surrounding me and most importantly the reason we all came…. The girls.

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    I agree! It is so uplifting to be with them! You know you are a Goddess to them, Bernadette. Keep sharing your gifts!