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The Real Journey

22 Jan 2011, by elance programmer in Human Trafficking Survivors

Today I set out for the real part of this Indian journey. I get into Kolkata this evening around 7:30, but don’t actually meet up with the volunteer group as a whole until tomorrow night for dinner. I’m looking forward to meeting those who I’ll be side by side with for the next two weeks, but still nervous as all get out for what’s to come in the shelters we visit. I know I’ll see beautiful faces and smiles that conceal indescribable pain and abuse; I just pray I’ll be able to be of some use for the human trafficking survivors who wear those smiles. I don’t quite know how one prepares for something like this…

I’m also nervous because I haven’t seemed to have retained any of the language I was supposed to and I’m sure I’ll be the only one. Much more pressing matters at hand, but still…

So, family and friends, continue to keep me in your thoughts and prayers, hoping for me to be be able to provide something positive for those I meet and those that I am serving. Pray for my strength and that my journey is safe and filled with all things good.


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