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New Survivors, New Dreams

31 Dec 2010, by elance programmer in Uncategorized

 I’ve been at the Rescue Foundation (RF) in a rural area of India, north of Mumbai in Maharashtra, for about two months now. The launch of the jewelry program, in my estimation, has been not only very well received by the survivors, but very successful.

I have two groups of 11 young girls from all over India, Bangladesh and Nepal who are learning metalsmithing. Then, I teach a small beading class at the hospital to the girls who contracted HIV/AIDS during their awful time in the Mumbai brothels after they were sold. The same as the Kolkata program, education for these classes happens through my great translator named Shailesh.Fair Trade Jewelery training  - Made By Survivors India

Most of the girls here are thriving and the environment is perfect for a successful jewelry program. There are many reasons; a beautiful natural environment which is also great for inspiration regarding jewelry, a solid athletic program which is another important facet in keeping the girls healthy mentally and physically – especially after working at a jeweler’s bench for hours, and, a schoolhouse atmosphere where the survivors are learning ABC’s 123’s and vocational training such as drawing classes, sewing and beautician classes.

These components are making for a motivated bunch of young women who are looking to have a bright future. This is really fantastic as many victims of such severe trauma do not look to the future at all, the just want to survive, day by day. So, that is a small glimpse into the psyche here. I don’t know what more you could ask for in a student besides some natural talent and they are loaded with that, too.Survivors making Fair Trade Jewelry and gaining a new career


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