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A Sense of Style

18 Jun 2010, by elance programmer in Uncategorized

I am continually amazed by our survivors ability to design and create incredibly stylish, cute, sassy, beautiful, and meaningful jewlery. Two professional jewelers have been helping us with both training and desings. You can read posts by each of these amazing women on this site. They have come up with some amazing peices. But, they have years of practice. What inspires me is how our surviors, who are all fairly new to jewlery making, can come up with designs that often rival those of trained professionals.

One girl in particular is a very gifted designer. She cranks out stunning pieces with incredible speed. I was lucky enough to find her sketch book the other day. It was full of drawings (mostly done in the evenings, during her time off) of jewlery that she wants to make. Some of it was audacious, full of diamonds, gold, and silver. Other drawing were simlpe yet classy. Some were just incredibly cute. Below is picture of one of the pages in her book.

When they are designing pieces, the girls make excellent use of scraps. They continually find use for scraps of metal, broken beads, etc. My favorite “recycled” peice is pictured below. It is made from scrap metal, and a broken bead. Pretty, isn’t it?

Whether they are designing with scraps and broken beads, or diamonds and gold, there is no doubt that these women have quite a sense of style!


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