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Warrior Divas – Fighting Slavery with Martial Arts

25 May 2010, by elance programmer in Uncategorized

There are so many ways that people can use their unique gifts and experiences to fight slavery!  I am continually inspired by the creativity and diverse approaches that volunteers are bringing to this cause. One of the latest and coolest efforts – Warrior Divas: The Emancipation Network Project –  is dedicated to helping survivors of human trafficking through martial arts. In partnership with The Emancipation Network, these powerful ladies from Boulder Colorado plan to bring martial arts and meditation exercisesr to our survivors at shelters in India and New York City.

Through this project, our survivors will learn to root in their bodies, create safe boundaries, and revel in the joy of human expression. They will be given tools to further their empowerment, their sense of connection with their true natures, their fellow survivors, and their environment. As part of their journey from Victim to Survivor to Warrior, the experiences will help them embrace their futures.  

Explains project organizer Mary Casey, owner of Boulder Quest Martial arts "My martial arts teacher often asks me 'Why do you train?'   I train to discern the difference between fear, intuition, and premonition. I train to help others learn to protect themselves. In the Warrior Divas programs, I will travel to The Emancipation Network facilities and work directly with slavery survivors.  By working directly with the survivors, we have the opportunity to help re-train the trauma patterns and re-build self-worth. They will come to define their own warrior nature as a survivor and a woman". 

"A Warrior Diva is a woman who defines herself by her successes. She walks with her head held high and is proud of all she’s become through what she has faced. As a natural protector, a Warrior Diva embraces her leadership role and helps other women discover their power. She embraces the world with love, truth, and creativity. The Warrior Divas programs will give women a chance to harness their natural talents to feel safer, happier, and more capable".

You can support Warrior Divas by earmarking a tax-deductible donation online or by mail (PO BOX 267 Sagamore, MA  02561)  Please mark on the check, on in the online notes section that it is for Warrior Divas.

Perhaps you also have skills and experiences that you can use to help fight slavery and empower survivors?  For example, you could make a quilt for a newly rescued girl, or organize a scrapbooking class and charge a small fee to raise funds for the cause.  If public speaking is your thing, you could make a presentation about slavery at a local church or school.  Write a song and post it on Youtube, organize a gourmet cupcake sale, come and paint a mural on one of our twice-yearly volunteer trips…  The sky's the limit, both for our survivors and our volunteer community. 





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