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“Obey the Rules of Traffic”

31 Jan 2010, by elance programmer in Uncategorized

That’s what this large barrier in the middle of a 4-lane road running out of Kolkata airport said.  It wouldn’t be very noteworthy in most places but it is here where an outsider visiting for the first time wonders if there are any rules at all!  Cars, trucks, motorcycles, auto rickshaws and bikes all jockey for position, honking incessantly and flashing each other as they approach too closely, all in what seems like a chaotic though rhythmic dance extenuated by loud horns and large black puffs of diesel exhaust. 

Having had that taste of the reality of auto traffic in the face of the rules, I’m eager to see the reality of a different form of traffic tomorrow morning when we’ll visit the Destiny Center which employs women who have survived human trafficking.  There are laws here against human trafficking as there are in most other countries, but I know this tells little about the reality of the situation on the ground just like that sign tells you nothing if you’re not on the road and can see how separate it is from reality.


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