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Arrived in Kolkata!

31 Jan 2010, by elance programmer in Uncategorized

After a long trip we have finally made it to Kolkata!  It in unlike anywhere I have ever been before, there is so much going on everywhere you look.   The taxi ride from the airport to the hotel was insane.  I have never experienced anything quite like it.  We were swerving all over the roads at high speeds while cutting off cars by inches and blaring on the horn.  I was pretty certain we were gonna hit something or someone at anytime.  Did I mention there are no seat belts???  It was a nail biter but I have to admit it was kind of fun :)   Today we are just getting settled and getting to know one another, I am looking forward to a nice dinner with all the volunteers.  Tomorrow we start our work at the shelters and I am so excited to meet and start working with all the girls and the children.  I will keep posting with experiences from the shelters.


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