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Next Stop, Kolkata!

28 Jan 2010, by elance programmer in Uncategorized

Tomorrow I leave for Kolkata, India, but have waited until the last moment to try my hand at blogging. I think this is partially because although I have bought many travel sized toiletries, packed my suitcase, and put up my "Out of Office" message on my email account, I still have yet to acknowledge to myself that I am really leaving in the morning for a completely new journey. I am not sure what to expect so I am leaving with an open mind and plans to be extremely flexible!

My interest in the anti-human trafficking movement began when I was a volunteer for a rape crisis center a number of years back and worked with a victim of domestic minor sex trafficking. Through that interaction I became much more aware about the modern day slavery that was occurring around me. My experiences at the rape crisis center led me into my current career path where I work with women and children who have experienced severe trauma. I am currently a social worker with another anti-human trafficking organization in Washington, DC and have a particular interest in working with minors who have been sex trafficked. Many of the young ladies that I work with have been victims of trafficking for many years, yet seem more and more resilient every day that I interact with them. I hope I can share some of the knowledge I have acquired working with survivors of trafficking in DC, but most importantly, I hope to learn new ways to facilitate the healing process from service providers in India.

I know this journey will increase my knowledge about human trafficking but hope it will also include fun, adventure, and friendship.

For now, stay tuned. . . Next stop, Kolkata!


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