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Open House, Open Mouth…

08 Nov 2009, by elance programmer in Uncategorized

I certainly am not an expert on human trafficking. I am, however, a modern day abolitionist. That is a statement I never thought I’d be making until 8 months ago when Sarah Symons touched my heart with her words. Although I still feel like I’m shaking the sand out of my hair from having my head buried in it for so long, I know that I too need to use words and speak from my heart to touch others. It is not something that I am necessarily good at, but God gave me this wonderful stubborn streak and tenacity that helps me overcome my insecurities when there is a greater purpose involved. Finding the opportunity to reach others is the challenge.

Although somedays I’m tempted to grab a megaphone and stand on the roof of my car downtown and scream at people to help me save these children that I carry in my heart everyday, it really would defeat the purpose. Focusing on the amazing, uplifting things that the survivors and organizations helping them do, is much more fruitful (and less damaging to my car.) So why not invite my friends and neighbors over for some snacks, beverages, socialization and share the products and stories with them? Why not?

As a "modern day abolitionist" I know that scattering the seeds of awareness in the U.S. is essential to ending slavery. This also entails making the subject of human trafficking become less like a swear word and more of a common topic of discussion.  When I first started doing parties, "human trafficking" was somewhere in the invitation or coming out of my mouth in my "elevator" pitch. This was a huge mistake! I now don’t even mention human trafficking. If I have 30 seconds to tell someone what I do, I tell them a survivor story or how I try to sponsor kids in school. Home parties and events need to be about the survivors and what they are doing now. They are amazing and that is the light that we need to let shine.

I am typing this on the morning of day two of an "open house" I am having.  My invitations speak of empowering, educating, rescuing and raising awareness, fair trade, handmade products with a purpose and of course food and prizes. I encourage everyone to host a party! It’s easy, fun (forces you to clean up the house) and MadeBySurvivors helps you every step of the way (except with the house cleaning.) You don’t have to be an expert in human trafficking, you just need to open your mouth and let your heart do the talking. After all, it is why we are here, on this website, reading, shopping, caring. The children need us, and we need them!

  • Andrea De Zubiria

    This website and blogs and then talking to Becky and sensing her sincerity and humility inspired me to set up a booth at a holiday bazaar in Fresno, California selling Madeforsurvivor products. The bazaar is Dec 6 and I hope I can do a good job raising some funds for TEN as my personal holiday social action project! My synagogue waived the usual fee for vendors and a few people on a stagnating social action committee have volunteered to help at the booth. So its going great so far! Looking forward to getting my supplies for the booth this week.