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Weddings and a New Family for Sex-Trafficking Survivors

06 Nov 2009, by elance programmer in Uncategorized

In India, just like here in America, weddings are fun and powerful celebrations that bring together families. Weddings are normal, happy, and a core part of the progression of life. But weddings are not typically part of the normal happy life for survivors of sex trafficking. Some have even been trafficked by means of false marriages. More importantly, it’s very hard for survivors of sex trafficking to get over the stigma that they are somehow bad or dirty, and to get accepted into a new family or community.

To one of our partners in India, Rescue Foundation, this was unacceptable. Rescue Foundation rescues girls out of sex trafficking with the goal of reintegrating them back into their typically rural, agricultural communities. These communities often have a shortage of eligible women to marry due to a gender selection.

Rescue Foundation has done a miraculous job of working to help their survivors to enjoy the same safety, love and happiness in marriage as anyone else. Its hard work as they want to make sure the grooms are good men who will not judge the survivors for their past, and just as importantly that their communities will embrace their new family member without stigma. This is a very hard job! Rescue foundation also provide a very strong support system for the new couple and keeps a close watch to make sure the wedding has long term success.

In Indian culture, there are important traditions of sending off the new couple with gifts of items they need to start their new life, which can be costly. Thankfully, with sponsorship from the NRI (Indian) community in the US, our survivors are given a beautiful, festive wedding and wedding meal for the entire shelter, gifts, house wares and transportation to their new homes.

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