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November newsletter promotion

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Beautiful Gifts and Holiday Items Offer a Bright Future to Survivors in Nepal and Cambodia

holliday cards made by survivors of slavery   Crystal Earings   Crystal Earings

Christmas Cards are Here!


NEW Swarovski Crystal  Collection from Cambodia

Made from renewable resources in Nepal, our handmade paper cards help survivors of slavery in circuses or brothels, as well as low-caste women at extreme risk fro trafficking, to earn a fair trade wage.  Some of these survivors use the revenues from their paper making for MadeBySurvivors to buy livestock, seeds, or small shops, supporting their families and preventing younger sisters from being traffficked!

$12 for 8 cards, five different styles


Our newest partner agency, Vietnam Voice, helps survivors in Cambodia.  Many very young Vietnamese girls are trafficked into slavery in Cambodian brothels.  They are prized for their light complexion and ‘exotic’ features, and vulnerable because of extreme poverty, decades of war and destabilization, and their lack of citizenship in Cambodia.  Survivors at Vietnam Voice have created this exclusive collection for MadeBySurvivors, all crafted from the highest quality sterling silver and Swarovski crystals.  

$85-$150 earrings and pendant Necklaces

surviors in the paper making team in nepal   Vietnam Voice Girls making jewelry
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