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Jobs, Job Training, and Reintegration:

Following rescue and aftercare, the final step is to empower survivors to reintegrate into society. For older teens and adults, we offer job training, fairly paid employment, and non-formal education – all in a loving, dignified and rights-based context. We also support aftercare at shelter partners through construction of buildings for school, vocational training, or housing or  construction of clean water and renewable energy facilitiies)

Poverty and lack of economic opportunity is consistently cited as a primary cause of slavery and trafficking in almost every published research study (UN, UNODC, ILO, ECPAT, CARE, Free The Slaves). We believe that addressing poverty and lack of skills and opportunity among survivors and high risk groups is critical to ending slavery.

We witness every day the transformation in survivors’ identity and behavior that result from self-sufficiency. At first survivors are timid and silent, not daring to look anyone in the eye. But after a few months, they are laughing, speaking out, and problem solving, challenging us to match their energy and commitment.


We sponsor 190 former child slaves, and children born into brothels for school, in India and Nepal.  We also provide nonformal education – literacy, numeracy, English and Computers training – to survivors in many of our job programs, and support education at our partners shelters through the construction and maintenance of school buildings.  Read more about education initiatives.

Business Development

We provide business development help to ten core partner agencies, to help them build their own sustainable businesses and to create products which we can successfully sell in the US market.  Our goal is long term sustainability and self-sufficiency for our partner programs, and permanent freedom for the survivors.

Partner Agencies and Program Sites: 

We work with amazing partner shelters and prevention programs in Nepal, India, Cambodia, Thailand,, Ukraine, Uganda and the USA, that rescue, shelter and care for the emotional and physical needs of rescued victims of slavery. We also operate our own production centers for survivors in Calcutta and Mumbia India, where survivors are learning the highly valued profession of metalsmithing and jewelry design.

Our core partners include:







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