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It’s only just begun…

13 Jan 2009, by elance programmer in Uncategorized

 Well this should be my last post from India (MAJOR DOWNER!). The last 36 hours have been a whirlwind of emotions and crazy out of this world experiences. I don’t want to get into the details but the ride back from Varanasi was a disaster thanks to some unforeseen and unwanted delays which shouldn’t have happened. That said though we are back and no worries…nothing bad happened just some major frustrations.

We are meeting up in about 2 hours to have our final meal together and then we will chill out until we have leave for the airport ( very very early – why did I do that?? – LOL). I’m very sad to be leaving India…it was as I’m sure you can guess, the best travel experience of my life. Tops them all hands down! I’ve seen and experienced things I could never have dreamed of both beautiful and horrendous. I haven’t conveyed many of the bad things since I think it would be too hard to get into now, but we will keep this blog going all year and we will spill it all over time. Plus there are pics and videos to see and some great information to share about trafficking and what you can do to help. Plus Susan needs to get into the action more, which she will. So stay tuned and spread the word. The more people that know, the better!

I’m leaving with a sense of what true peace is. It’s hard to explain but there were many moments I was so "Zen" I could have been in the arms of Buddha himself. I’ve experienced true spirituality amidst the most tragic of images. It’s an odd mixture and it sounds strange to have them both in the same place but somehow it is and it works. My biggest take away from India will be the amazing energy and love the children we have seen here still have despite everything they have been through. They are also faced with such mounting obstacles in their life but somehow I know they can overcome them. They are the strongest people I have ever met. These children should never be underestimated. I also take away a genuine love and respect for the people of India. No matter where we’ve gone or what we’ve done we have encountered amazing hospitality and kindness. Even when we would attract huge crowds of gawking people amazed at westerners in their town it was still kind and came from a harmless curiosity. We are as strange and different to them as they are to us and yet we connected on so many levels without even speaking the same language. The people of India are what make it the incredible place it is and I hope for them all the best the world has to offer. I know they deserve it. I leave taking a piece of India with me that I will never let go. And I will be back to take more.

It’s only just begun….
Thanks to everyone for following along and posting comments. Like I said keep on coming back as there is still a lot to share and learn. We can make a huge dent in the trafficking issue. I know we can. Even though it seems so major and so overwhelming it can be done. History has proven that.
Again…it’s only just begun….


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