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Cleansing the Mind, Body and Soul…

11 Jan 2009, by elance programmer in Uncategorized

Today was a very spiritual day for me. We slept in a little and had an amazing breakfast overlooking the Ganges. The air was so clear today you could see forever and breathe so easily. Once we finished breakfast we took a rickshaw to a Buddhist Temple nearby. It was so beautiful and peaceful. I had several people come up to me and assume I was a Buddhist (if you saw the way I look you would know why – pics to come). The place was as serene and calm as you would expect and I met one kind person after another. The Dalai Lama was about a mile away at a Buddhist Institute teaching so we weren’t able to see him but we felt his energy. There were many Tibetan Monks there and it was nice to see people of another race and religion.

After we finished our tour of the temple we made our way back to the hotel and had a great lunch of egg fried rice, Butter naan, and Veg rolls – so delicious! After the lunch me and Linda took a walk on the banks of the Ganges and witnessed some incredible ceremonies. Monks were chanting and people were banging drums and burning incense. It was such a dramatic, overwhelming scene it was hard to take it all in at once. There were many poor people begging for food. Small children, the elderly and sick were everywhere looking so sad and desperate. People with no legs, and no fingers. Blind people with no place to live. Dogs so emaciated and horrendous looking you cant even imagine. I got very choked up at one point and a little overwhelmed. How can you not? We tied to get away from it all and spent some time walking down the side streets and met more kind people. We found this little gem of a place called The German Bakery which is hilarious as it is a Moroccan/Tibetan place run by Asians that isnt even a bakery (only in India – LOOL). There were 2 gentlemen in there playing the most relaxing and beautiful music with a long wooden flute and steel drums. I could have sat there for ages. It was great to take it all in. I then went down to the banks of the Ganges and placed a candle flower in the river in honor of a friend who just had a baby yesterday(Emerson you will live a long and happy life now!). I just cant describe how I feel in words. It’s almost impossible. I hope Susan is having a great time back in Kolkata with the rest of he group.

Tomorrow we head up to a NGO in the area that helps trafficking victims and we’ll spend the day there. Then we head back on another 16-18 hour train ride to Kolkata (YIKES!). Then it’s a going a way party for us at a shelter and then we leave (major major major let down!). I could stay here forever – seriously. Don’t care about material things. All I need is my cat, a sarong, pashmina and a little money (oh and Tea Tree wipes!) and I would be a happy man! So amazing! India, and Varanasi in particular, seem to wipe you out physically, mentally and spiritually and then fills you back up with something more meaningful and long lasting. I know it probably sounds a little crazy but trust me it’s an experience you all should have and my hope is that you all do some day.
Cant wait to show you all the pics (but that also means I would be home so not sure how I feel about that – LOL). Not much else to say. Going to spend the last night in Varanasi meditating on the banks of the Ganges and get some nice rest for the long day tomorrow.
Hope all is well!


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