Made by Survivors | Human Trafficking Awareness Day – who should we be targeting to become abolitionists?


Human Trafficking Awareness Day – who should we be targeting to become abolitionists?

11 Jan 2009, by elance programmer in Uncategorized

Its national Human Trafficking Awareness day and a quick google search shows that there are dozens of events around the country. As shown in my previous blog, awareness of slavery is low compared to other causes so I very much hope this national day makes an impact.

If not many people care about slavery, what do we know about those who do care and how can we use that knowledge to expand awareness? There is not a lot of data that can help, but this is the bet we got. The chart below is the last three months of data from YouTube from our most viewed video

demographics of slavery awareness

This video was featured in the Call and Response website so I think this represents a lot of folks learning about us for the first time. As you can see, its mostly women over 35 that care about slavery. This data matches our anecdotal observations.

I really wish I had comparable data on a video about Darfur, as I would guess that their average age is a lot lower. I continue to think the abolition community has a lot to learn about campaign and awareness building from the genocide community.

As a man, and an abolitionist I would like to see a it more diversity, but its more important to exponentially expand the size of the community so we should be marketing our awareness message to the most receptive audience, women over 35.

  • What a great post, John! Thanks for the thought-provoking demographics (which I fit right in with, btw). And thank you for all you do to combat human trafficking and slavery–your work is very inspiring and needed.

    Diana Scimone
    Born to Fly International, Inc.
    Stopping child trafficking…setting kids free to soar (blog)