Made by Survivors | Expectant eyes from the little ones, off to San Laap today


Expectant eyes from the little ones, off to San Laap today

07 Jan 2009, by elance programmer in Uncategorized

 Wednesday morning, 9am, only a sec to write
just letting you know we are safe, healthy, strong, happy, in love w India and it’s people. Incredible experiences. So many stories. Hard to slow down, so much to experience!~ So much love from the Indians. We awaken at dawn to the sounds of children playing outside our window yelling, namaste. We go to sleep in the early morning hours. Each day feels like two days. Learning Bengali and Hindi. Can dance the Bungra now! Hugs from the little ones and expectant eyes hoping we will stay. We will not be coming home as expected, flights changed to later date, will let you know the details. Off to San Laap, survivors of human traffiking, precious girls, an orphanage in the village. It will be very different from the work we have been doing in the slums of Kolkata. I am so happy. I am so grateful.


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