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Thank you, India for this Sunday of worship

04 Jan 2009, by elance programmer in Uncategorized

 Just in from another amazing day full of surprises and miracles, laughter and compassion. Wild rides zipping through the city on a saltry Sunday, hopping in yellow cabs and old painted buses, digesting the delicious delicacies of Bengali cusine, my first ride in a tuk tuk, meeting new friends, deep discussions of the Hindu religion, visiting the huge glistening Kalidat Temple, removing our shoes, observing reverently, crying quietly as I watched the little black goat being prepared for sacrifice, listening to the stories of the Hindu Gods, deciding I like the God Kali’s spitfire spunk and wishing I could meet her, whispering my prayers with the Bengalis inside the temple, working in the Sick and Dying Orphanage of Mother Teresa,

singing songs about Jesus with the pilgrims arriving from around the world as we met together at Mother Teresa’s center to help out, bargaining with the merchants, taking hundreds of silly pictures, laughing when a Dad asked us if he could have pictures of his children with US, chatting with new Indian friends at Smarita’s sister’s house late tonight while we partied together, planning workshop lessons with my partners for the child shelter we will work in tomorrow, listening to the stories of the children being traffiked and brainstorming how we can do more to help them, aching to bring a child home to live with us, to nurture and to love, to give opportunities to that all little children deserve, learning the Bunga dance, walking, walking, walking up and down streets and alleys in the dust and haze from the pollution, blowing our nose and black stuff coming out, coughing the dry cough caused by burning trash on the streets, wishing there were trash barrels, learning to create origami flowers, gazing at the beauty of little Rosie’s henna painted hand, smiling and hugging everyone we meet, clasping our hands together and whispering Namaste even though it is Hindi and most everyone is Bengali, meeting Shaya and Selma, two beautiful muslim women working with us, listening to their stories, connecting, loving, climbing into bed under the new lavender mosquito net, drifting off to sleep as we dream about the new day ahead in only a few hours.
I am overflowing with gratefulness. Thank you, India.
Peace and Love, Susan


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