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30 Dec 2008, by elance programmer in Uncategorized

Hello everyone!
One day left to go and Susan and I are bouncing off the walls! Very excited!
Just wanted to post a brief outline of what our days are expected to be like. As you can see it varies from teaching English and facilitating art workshops to construction and painting. Should be a ton of fun and teach us alot.
So here’s the deal…

We will be splitting into 2 teams each day. One team will go out to the Sanlaap shelter home to work (with teen survivors) on the preschool painting and remodeling. The other team will go to the Apne Aap center in the kidderpore red light area and work with younger kids (age 5-14) on arts workshops. After the first few days of January, those kids will be in school until about 2 pm so that volunteer team will work in the afternoons from 2 to 6 or 7 pm. 2-3 volunteers will also go to the Destiny center for part of each day to lead workshops in English, computers, leadership and team-building with the young adult survivors there. The teams will rotate so that everyone gets to serve equally at all locations, but if you find after a few days that you feel really connected to one center and want to concentrate there, that can also be arranged.

We are looking forward to a great adventure!!

Thanks for all the best wishes!

Namaste and


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