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India….come along with us!

28 Dec 2008, by elance programmer in Uncategorized

Well here we are…only 3 days away! The reality of it all is starting to set in and the excitement level is getting higher and higher. It really hit me at Target the other night and I literally starting dancing in the aisle. I know I’ve said it a million times, but I wanted to thank everyone for their incredible support. It’s been amazing to see how people have responded completely on their own and re enforces what I already know…the people of The Body Shop are the best in the world! :)

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So here’s how this blog thing will work. Susan and or I will make a post at least once a day unless prevented by circumstances (Internet not available, not coming back to hostel etc.) and if we can we will also post some photos. Not sure yet if we’ll have that capability but if we do we will.

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Once we make a post you can make a comment by clicking at the bottom of each entry. You can sign in or be anonymous, it’s up to you. I encourage you all to post as much as you want. It will be nice for Susan and I to have stuff to read while we’re there. Also, feel free to ask any questions, as this is the whole point of doing this, and if we dont have the answer we’ll sure be able to get it for you. As you’ll see the site also has links to videos, pictures, news stories and so on about trafficking and India. Please make sure to check them all out and remember they will also change every now and then. There will also be polls and other info on here as well so take the time to go through everything. This works best when people are engaged and participate so go for it. Keep in mind that India is 10 1/2 hours ahead of East Coast time here in the states. I assume we’ll be doing most of our posting at night when we get back to the hostel, which would be around 8-10am this time. Also, please feel free to send the link to this site to all your friends and family. The more people that learn about the issue and about T.E.N the better! Every bit counts!

Thanks to all of you, Susan and I achieved our $10,000 goal and are able to present T.E.N with a nice thank you for allowing us to take part. Once we get the details all worked out we will let you know what the exact amounts were.
Liz, D’Ette and Shawna I hope you enjoyed your gift sets and congrats once again on winning!

Well, that pretty much covers it. Posting will start Tuesday with some fun little stuff about prepping for the trip and what our agenda will be while we’re over there.
Dont forget to check back daily!

Paul :)


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