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Getting ready to go!

28 Dec 2008, by elance programmer in Uncategorized

Soon, we will be leaving for Kolkata, India, to work with the women and children! We are so very excited and full of anticipation!

We will be sharing our hearts and love with the women and children, connecting with them, learning from them and sharing our gifts and talents with them. We will be painting colorful murals on the walls of the little children’s school room. We will perform puppet shows for the children and will give them the funny homemade sock puppets you helped us make. I am sewing a puppet theater out of a children’s printed bed sheet and will hang that in one corner of their school room to use for puppet shows. We will be teaching the women and children wax resist watercolor painting techniques and they will be creating beautiful pictures which they can write stories and poetry about. We will be teaching photography workshops to the young women. Our photography theme will be "Everyday life in India, through my eyes".

I have a thought. You might like to rent "Born into Brothels" from net-flix. The movie is about Kolkata, India and the children born into brothels. The photography project in the movie is what Maya and I envision doing, but we will be working with a large group of young women. We will be using some of the donation money you have so kindly given to us to buy digital cameras for the women (which they will keep) and to develop their photos into prints. (Does anyone have a digital camera they do not need or use anymore, that you would like to donate? Please call my cell at 603-205-5271 and we’ll drive over to pick it up! We hope to bring over 100 digital cameras!) We will be working in 4 different shelters with the young women, children and babies. There is a computer at the Destiny Productions Center in India, where the young women sew and create craftwork on which we can upload their pictures. We will then find a place to develop the photos they choose to make prints of.

Next, we will hang the photos for each young woman in an Exhibition in Kolkata, most likely at the Destiny Productions Center. We hope to develop 5 photos, 8×10 size, for each young woman. We will display their wax resist watercolor paintings as well. We will also be cooking food, Indian style, which the young women will be teaching us how to do, for the exhibition. We will be creating little origami figures to hang from mobiles for the exhibition also. What a celebration of their lives this will be!

We will bring their photographs on memory cards copied onto a flash drive back here to the US, to make prints. We will then have an exhibition here in the states, to bring an awareness of the difficult experiences the women and children in India endure. Maya and I will be sharing our experiences, photos, videos and stories at a benefit drumming performance on March 14, Saturday, from 4-6pm at a Yoga Studio in Portsmouth. More information about this benefit performance will be coming. Please mark your calendar with this date and join us for a very sacred sharing of our experiences in India!

Please hold the women and children of India in your prayers and in your hearts. Maya and I plan to be very careful and thoughtful as we embark on this journey which will change our lives and theirs, in many ways.

You might like to follow our journey in India. Please check our blog-site to get daily updates of our experiences. We will try to upload pictures and videos, as well as journal our thoughts.

All of our love and gratitude,
Sue and Maya Carter


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