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My bag is made of garbage

29 Oct 2008, by elance programmer in Uncategorized

October 17, 2008

Sarah arrived this week to see the Destiny center and to visit some of TEN’s other partners in India. Our newest partner is Darpana, an art institute in Gujurat that instructs students from across India, and in fact around the world, in classical Karnatika style. They also use the art forms, such as theatre and painting, to teach rural villages about social issues like HIV/AIDS and gender equality. Their recent project is to purchase plastic bags from the slums (thus providing some form of income for garbage-pickers), and to employ women from rural villages to weave these plastic bags.

Fgirl cutting bagsrom the weave, the stitch amazing bags, wallets, camera cases, and even yoga mats! The women from the villages have no other form of income, and previously had very little education. But they’ve taken ownership of this project and work nonstop (even by candlelight) to fill the orders. The project is not only a great way to improve the environment, but also provides economic opportunities for the slum dwellers and villagers. Sarah already has some for sale online – so when you buy one make sure to tell your friends, “My bag is made of garbage!”


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