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New Clothes for Lakshmi Puja

27 Oct 2008, by elance programmer in Uncategorized

October 14, 2008

Yesterday one of our donors, Swapna and Roy, came to Destiny to distribute some salwar suits and saris to our artisans. This was such a lovely gift for the women, since tomorrow is Lakshmi Puja and we are all going to celebrate at Smarita’s house. Swapna has helped in the past by translating a video for TEN, and was visiting Kolkata for the Puja season. The women were truly grateful, since most of them prefer to save their money so they can move out of the shelter home.

swapna giving sarisSo today, we all dressed our best for Lakshmi Puja, the goddess of wealth. We went to Smarita’s mother’s house, and were able to relax while her mother recited the prayer. Of course lots of food ensued, and I finally learned how to make luchi. Everyone had a lovely time and we all prayed that our business grows rapidly and steadily so we can hire even more women.


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