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Leaving the Red Light District

05 Aug 2008, by elance programmer in Uncategorized

July 30, 2008

Yesterday I received a phone call from the girls at Kidderpore’s night creche. They begged me to come visit, explaining that it was the last week for some of the older teenage girls. Confused, I went for a visit the next day, and as soon as I walked down the red light district’s alley, my "daughter" came running out to hug me. A few minutes later, some of the teenagers came and literally started crying as soon as they saw me. Apparently, the NGO staff have made arrangements for six girls to move into the Loreto College home at Sealdah.

While it was a surprise, it was truly a blessed surprise and I was SO extremely happy for them! They will live there and also attend school there. It is an excellent facility, very safe, and the girls will receive a great education. 
Kidderpore TeensWhile this is a huge change for the girls, I am confident it is a change for the best. The older girls (age fifteen) are attracting too much attention from the local boys, as well as the traffickers and brothel owners. For example, tonight, after our visit at the center, the girls asked if they could get dressed up for a goodbye photo. They wanted to wear saris, which are at their mothers’ homes, so the girls invited me to their homes. I had to say no, claiming I was tired but really because I didn’t want the women in the brothels to feel uncomfortable. But, as we were walking to the photo shop their mothers really wanted me to come inside and sit down with them. I just entered the front hall, where all the women were waiting their next customer, and it was quite an overwhelming experience.

But that horror paled in comparison to our walk down the street, with these girls dressed up (makeup, saris, jewelry, etc.) The men were SO rude and indecent, making advances at them, asking "how much?" I was just trying to imagine what it would be like if I had to endure that on my way to homecoming or prom! Finally, we got to the photo shop and took this picture – these girls are so beautiful and have the right to feel good about themselves and their bodies.

I’m really thankful to Smarita and the other staff members who found this new home for them, where they can dress up as much as they want, dance whenever they feel like it, and not have to worry about being raped or abused. Please keep these girls in your thoughts as they adjust to their new home. In a few weeks, we will go visit them and bring them some gifts, but we decided it would be best to keep our distance for the initial few weeks so that they can settle in their new environment. If you’d like to send anything to these girls, please contact Sarah about making donations.


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