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Housewarming Party

05 Aug 2008, by elance programmer in Uncategorized

August 2, 2008

After two weeks of hard work, we decided it was time to celebrate the opening of Destiny Productions with the people who really make the center run – the working women! So we closed early and everyone came to my house for a party. I included the entire Income Generation group from Topsia’s center as well, since we hope more of them will come to Destiny Productions in the future.

aniuska sari dressingI had prepared a typical American feast of chocolate cake, icecream, chips, cheese and crackers, and pop. Aniuska wanted to share a dish from her native land, Cuba, and made some of the best red beans and rice I’ve ever had! The girls were so appreciative and insisted on dressing Aniuska in a sari. Once they had wrapped it, they kept complaining that she was too tall – they couldn’t get it folded five times and had to settle for two folds.

It was such a genuinely happy day, as the women starting mingling with each other. This was my real goal for the party, since I’ve noticed the women from different NGO centers don’t interact much. Obviously this is natural, since they are insecure and uncomfortable with meeting new people. But after an hour of talking, looking through photos, dancing to Bollywood music videos, and eating sweets, everyone was talking and giggling together. There is one moment frozen in my memory, when one woman from the shelter home and one woman from the Muslim community center held hands and asked for a photo. Originally, there was tension between these women but now it seems they are friends! Such a joy to see them develop in their own self-confidence and their ability to socialize with others.


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