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Destiny Productions Opens

25 Jul 2008, by elance programmer in Uncategorized

July 21, 2008

Today was one of those days that restores my faith in humanity. Destiny Productions is officially open! We have rented out the Thomas Clayton Center and moved in our sewing machines, fabric, and most importantly, fans!  

destiny groupFive young women from All Bengal Women’s Union and four young women from Apne Aap’s Topsia center have been hired to work at this new center. Mostly they are cutting and stitching basic cotton bags, but we plan to work with more valuable materials as they gain more experience. As the business grows, and we can afford more sewing machines, we plan to hire more young women from other shelter homes. This will help them reintegrate into mainstream society by exposing them to a professional work environment and also allow them to save money for their future outside the shelter home. 

We started the first day with introductions, and I showed a photograph of my family (they all giggled at my brother’s picture – “So tall!” Then we discussed the business, how they are part of this and need to help it grow. We don’t want these women to feel like day laborers; rather they should feel that this is their business and so it is in their best interest to be on time for work and be efficient during working hours. We openly worked out the payment plan, ensuring that each women feels she earns a decent salary. Then we went over our first orders and they felt confident they could make each item. 

After spending an hour unpacking the materials, we all sat in the “office room” for a sweet treat. We’ve decorated this room with two beautiful rugs from Apple of God’s Eye. We also have a nice mosaic on the way from Esther Benjamin’s Trust, and as soon as Sarah gets here we’re planning a nice mural for the sewing rooms!

Riding home in the autorickshaw, I couldn’t help but hope that these young women are as excited as I am. Obviously we’re all a little nervous, seeing as this is a new project us, but as the Indians say, “The elephant marches on, despite the barking dogs.”


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